It is always good when the racing calendar take us to the country where the backdrop and vibe is always very welcoming.

Martin Sprong  had put in a great block of training for this race which he chose as his main race for the end of the year. While what has been executed well in the pool didn't appear on race day in the open water this is certainly not a uncommon thing particularly not coming from a swimming background. A strong bike leg brought him back to the field and was finished off with a strong run. Plenty of learning from the race but considering Martin isn't far off his rookie plates in triathlon he had a great season in 2018.

Talia Goddard made quick work in the swim exiting the water with the fastest swim time of the day (male and female). This was pleasing considering we have only just recently increased Talia's swims with some new goals on the horizon for 2019. A strong bike and run had her coming home strongly and crossed the line 5th in her strong age group where the top 3 girls all ran under 39 mins. Most impressively is how TG approached the race and went about with her new outlook on racing. It clearly paid off.

Sam Elliot will never be accused of laying down and taking the easy option. After a shaky few weeks with illness and bigger goals later in the year he took to the start line with instructions to use this as a training day and not go full gas, much to his disliking. Sam surprised himself with a good swim, strong ride and controlled run. After a few times falling short of the mark he has set himself, even the coach is now confident he has figured out how to play the long game which Sam will end up rewarding himself. Great work Sam

I’d never done a marathon before

When I first started training, I couldn't even swim more than 25m,  the last time I rode a bicycle was probably 6-7 years ago and I’ve never run a marathon before. But I DID IT. I crossed that IRONMAN finish line. And I was only able to do it because of Michael.

Brandon, Ironman Finisher March 20, 2016