While the last weekend came and went like so many others we also took the time to look back and reflect on a successful year for MEC athletes.

Active Tri Race 4

The MEC crew headed to Sandringham last weekend for race 4 of the Active Tri series. To get the crew together for a good hit out 4 teams entered the race along with 3 individuals including the coach after a long triathlon racing hiatus.

The challenge was set with high stakes for the teams and all performing well and finishing within the top 10!

Charles Martin and Peter Smith both had strong races in the 35-39 category.

The coach showed that he is doing some training ahead of Ultraman in May turning out a strong race as well.

With 14 racing on the weekend it was the post race BBQ breakfast that was a hit to celebrate with a great bunch of people.

active tri r4 17

The year that was

In its first year on the endurance scene MEC has gone from strength to strength. The base of this are the individuals within this group, their willingness to give their best and as a result help others see what is possible.

Over the first 12 months we have had athletes compete in 82 races and cross the finish line 144 times. We have had 5 world championship qualifications along with countless podiums and pb's. To add to this we have helped people change how they go about there training by assisting them to do what is right for them and for some begin to train pain free and enjoy themselves more in sport. Something that many assume is part and parcel about doing sport.

We have run information nights with our partners to help educate our athletes. Baker IDI running a night on heart health specifically related to endurance athletes. Evelyn Faye nutrition discussed the range of products available to athletes and the pro's and cons of using them.

Training camps and works shops have been an eye opener for athletes when they not only get to spend more time under the coaches eye getting feedback but also get to share and learn from other athletes experiences.

We are very much looking forward to continue to building athletes to the best they can be in 2017. This year also brings about many great opportunities that align with MEC's want to show people from varying backgrounds tools and learnings for life through sport. More on this to come.

A big thank you to those that have in many ways supported MEC over the past 12 months and we look forward to continuing on building athletes and building people for years to come.

I could see the thought put into my training plan

"My motivation increased when I could see the thought put into my training plan and the difference it made in my result. The sessions were built for what I needed and I felt strong all day racing. Most of all I could feel Michael cared, so a very big thank you."

Samantha March 25, 2019