Building Better Recovery Habits

Written by Coach Chris White - Whether you are an elite athlete, a junior who is up and coming or an age grouper who loves to race, recovery should be a key consideration in how you go about your training.  We are all about producing consistency over a longer period of time at MEC, and that absolutely requires you to consider your recovery.  If you don't recover properly from one session, you jeapordise the next session and so on, digging... Read more.

The Fundamentals of Post Race Recovery

Written by Coach Chris White - In triathlon, we are well aware that we want to avoid injury.  Thankfully this is more often than not, something that is preventable through proper programming, coaching and adequate recovery.  One of the most obvious times when adequate recovery is of importance is post race. When we are recovering from races, whether they be endurance races like Ironman distances, or shorter but far more intense races like Sprint Distance triathlons, we need to consider... Read more.

4 Tips for Triathletes Coming out of Lockdown

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Written by Coach Chris White Just like any other period where we try to ‘get back into it,’ the post-lockdown rush for events and increased physical activity is fraught with traps that we would like you to avoid. Here’s 4 tips for those triathletes looking to get back into the swing of their training again, now that their lockdown has ended. 1. A little patience will avoid the ‘Too Much, Too Soon’ trap. Physios and podiatrists around Melbourne will be... Read more.