Racing is rarely uneventful and plenty went on at Sunshine Coast 70.3 over the weekend.

Andy White had a strong race in the midst of his preparations for Kona next month. Leading his age group out of the water in just over 24mins he raced to plan. While the current training block may have taken the edge of his usual bike, over the 70.3 distance the Captain finished with a strong 1hr 23min run to show that he is right where he needs to be ahead of his next race.

Stuart White was making his first return to racing since joining MEC 2 months ago. Following a varied way of training to what may not be deemed as normal can be challenging however when you are able to look around and see you peers turning over good results week after week taking the leap is made a little easier. While only a short preparation it was enough for Stuart to turn out a 18min pb over the 70.3 distance with a 13min run pb. A good sign so early on for Stuart.

Naomi Wood was in good knick heading into the weekend and ready to lay down a solid performance. Unfortunately Woody forgot to pack her cotton wool and rolled her ankle in a non training related moment the day before the race. Told to just rest up and see how it was in the morning she made the call to start the race. It is a work in progress to get Woody in the same post code as the leaders coming out of the water and she is getting there and showed that on Sunday keep the deficit to under 7mins which while still needs work it is on the improve. Shortly after leaving T2 she suffered at the hands of the mechanical gods rendering her bike slower than normal. She soldiered on and finished the run like a good sport.

Sam Elliot was also making his debut race after joining MEC and things got off to a swim pb of 30mins. Moving well through the bike course Sam missed the turn for the 2nd loop out of town and learned first hand the value of looking at the course map prior to the race. In the process of attempting to correct his mistake of the missed loop Sam unfortunately wasn't noticed by a Police Officer directing traffic and the Officer waved a car straight into Sam's path while he was travelling at great speed downhill. A trip over the car fortunately didn't leave him to badly injured and he continued on to make up the km's of the bike course, but not completing the bike course as prescribed. As a result Sam was dq'd but still chose to complete the run despite a few aches from the crash. Speedy recovery Sam and look forward to seeing you piece together your next race.

I could see the thought put into my training plan

"My motivation increased when I could see the thought put into my training plan and the difference it made in my result. The sessions were built for what I needed and I felt strong all day racing. Most of all I could feel Michael cared, so a very big thank you."

Samantha March 25, 2019