Program Options

Finding the right coach and setting up a regular training program is critical for success in any sport. Below are the different program options offered by Momentum Endurance Coaching.

Athletes outside Melbourne

The ideal training package if you live outside the Melbourne area or are unable to attend group training sessions.
  • Personalised program every 4 weeks
  • Fortnightly email and text contact with your coach
  • Fortnightly adjustments to program based on feedback
  • Monthly phone/Skype catch up
  • Race day planning

Contact Athlete

You get it all with the Platinum program including a weekly personalised program.
  • Weekly personalised program
  • Unlimited email and text contact with your coach
  • Weekly phone/Skype catch up
  • Unlimited adjustments to program based on feedback
  • Race day planning
  • Group sessions included


Contact Athlete

Premium athletes get all the same benefits of our correspondence program plus you can attend all group training.
  • Personalised program every 4 weeks
  • Unlimited email and text contact with your coach
  • Weekly adjustments to program based on feedback
  • Race day planning
  • Group sessions

"Race day is the reward. Earning that is in the months and years you spent getting there..."

Personalised programs

Apart from regularly checking in with your coach you will provide a weekly or monthly personal schedule for your upcoming training. This way your training program can be tailored to factor in family, work, social events ect. This is what makes it your program, it’s built to work with you.

Unlimited email and text contact with your coach

While training things happen. As much as you plan sometimes things need to be moved around and this is factored in to your program. When things come up just simply contact your coach and adjustments can be made. Likewise for checking in on the fly to give the coach feedback about how you are going. This can be done using text messages/social media. The better the communication between athlete and coach, the better the athletes end results.

Race day planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Leading into your main race you will discuss with your coach and map out exactly what you need to do on race day to have a good result. This includes equipment, nutrition/hydration, pacing along with any other specifics to your race.

Your coach will attend all Australian based IM distance races

All distances of triathlon are challenging and while a most of the time you will have your coach nearby at races, you certainly will while you are going long. Being there on race day to support you, be it your first IM or you are aiming for that Kona spot.

Attend all group sessions

The best feedback is sometimes not spoken. Being there in the flesh at group sessions where your coach can see how you are going and set session specifically to meet that. While we are not a group session based, the sessions we do are specific to your training needs and race/s you are preparing for.

One on one sessions (1 Hour)

Individual feedback. Just about you and making those adjustments to help you perform better. This may be swimming, riding or running. Michael offers a ‘sports life coaching’ session where you can map out goals and how to get there along with removing performance limiters.