Over weekend we had a contingent of MEC athletes competing in the last race of the 2XU triathlon series at St Kilda. Three  took on the Olympic distance with another two in the Sprint.

Christine Seymour had a good result in the sprint race with this being the second race back after having her son. She is enjoying getting back into triathlon and has been working her training in around her little one.

Ang Bonacci in the sprint distance has been hunting the sub 20min off the bike for some time. This time around on a long course (5.3k) he cracked it and came away with 2nd place in his age group. A different approach to training is paying off for Ang.

Whilst Pbs are subjective in triathlon with so many variables, there is no doubt that 4mins on a slightly longer course and on tired legs from ironman training constitutes improvement. Talia Goddard did just that and made her way onto the podium in 3rd place for what was the State Championships for the Standard Distance.

Simon Miller closed out a great season in the Olympic distance after racing IM New Zealand earlier in the month. After a big year of racing he will take some time to regroup and refresh for the season ahead.

Naomi Wood has been on the up and down that all athletes go through if they spend long enough in the sport. A great example to her athletes that she coaches in Ironmums, she made it part of her training to build herself back with things progressing well in training. Plenty of work to do to get back to where she is aiming to be but with an improved outlook on how she gets there is going to mean the difference in the future to her doing well with an injury free body.

Success and personal growth

"I have created a very unique relationship with my coach. It’s definitely a one of a kind that has been instrumental to my success and personal growth."

Stacey June 13, 2019