Written by Coach Michael Harvey

What does it take to get what you want to achieve?

I could write pages about how it is important to set goals, plan and know your strengths and weaknesses however the biggest and most important thing you can do is take action. Do it! Start the process and get the wheels in motion. Once you do that, you can start to build momentum. Once you start gaining momentum, things flow on and what may have been challenging at the start is now a ‘normal’ and part of your routine.

So, what is the biggest difference I see between those who achieve the goals they set out for and those that fall short? Commitment. It is people’s commitment that separates them from the crowd of others that say they want something but are not prepared to work for it. How do they show they are committed? Their actions meet their words. They do what they say they are going to.

Does this mean that we must give up everything in order to achieve a goal? Absolutely not. Yes, there are varying levels of time, resources and training involved to achieve certain goals. That is where the planning aspect of things comes in to seeing what you can realistically commit to in order to achieve your goals. If you REALLY want something you will do what it takes to get it. It’s about finding the solutions in order for you to achieve rather than the reasons why you cannot. This is commitment to achieving a goal.

You see there is a difference between having an interest in achieving something and being committed to your goal. When you’re interested you only do it when it’s convenient. When you’re committed you look for ways to get there, ask questions but most importantly do what is needed even when your motivation may be down. You just get it done.

If you give your best in preparing you will get your best result. Give a halfhearted effort in training and you know what you can expect at the finish line. Be accountable and use things and people to help you stay accountable. A big reason MEC athletes get results is that they are training for their goal and have their own program. Because they can do all the training, they get the most benefit and get great results. On the flipside athletes who skip sessions or change things around on their own accord aren’t committing themselves to get the results from their work.

Some goals most certainly require more commitment to achieve. That doesn’t mean they are any better, just harder to get and therefore more commitment is required. At the end of it all no matter what the goal is we do it for one core reason, that feeling of satisfaction having set out and worked diligently towards our goal and finally getting there makes it all worthwhile.

Not just a triathlete coach, but also a life coach

Not only has my coach helped me to achieve what I have set out to achieve, he has taught me so much more, I actually call him my triathlete coach and life coach. He believes in me before I have believed in myself, without him I would not have achieved my 70.3 World qualifier and Ironman pb's.

Leanne February 5, 2021