Everything we do at MEC is about building individuals towards their best self in and out of sport. Having coaches and a strong group environment helps build people and athletes to create a new normal. We use endurance sport and triathlon as the catalysts for people to achieve and be their best.

Starting this season we will be offering two new programs for both junior athletes and beginners to triathlon. We have new coaches starting which will bring new opportunities for athletes looking for individual coaching and group training.

If you are looking to join a group of like minded athletes (or people if you don't consider yourself an 'athlete') who are committed to giving their best and training towards their individual goal races within a supportive environment, then get in contact.

We look forward to the next chapter of MEC and will have more information for you soon.

Not just a triathlete coach, but also a life coach

Not only has my coach helped me to achieve what I have set out to achieve, he has taught me so much more, I actually call him my triathlete coach and life coach. He believes in me before I have believed in myself, without him I would not have achieved my 70.3 World qualifier and Ironman pb's.

Leanne February 5, 2021