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Everything we do at MEC is about building individuals towards their best self in and out of sport. Having coaches and a strong group environment helps build people and athletes to create a new normal. We use endurance sport and triathlon as the catalysts for people to achieve and be their best. Starting this season we will be offering two new programs for both junior athletes and beginners to triathlon. We have new coaches starting which will bring new opportunities for... Read more.

Do it to be YOUR best

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It’s a busy time in the MEC camp with a number of athletes hitting the pointy end of their Cairns preparations as well as two very strong and unique athletes taking on the Ultraman in Noosa.   Now I’m not singing before it is over, as both the UM crew and Cairns athletes still have work to be done. What can be noted now though without questions is that it is at these points in events and training where things... Read more.

MEC: A look back at 2018

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2018 in Review It was a big year for many in the MEC squad and I very much enjoyed sitting back and looking over the results achieved an photos from 2018. This was the  3rd year for MEC which considering how short a period of time the group has been around  the depth of results produced, the camaraderie between athletes by pushing each other to be better as well as picking each other up after the lows suggest a well... Read more.

Actions First, Confidence Later

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“Rule 1: The actions of confidence come first; the feelings of confidence come later.” - Russ Harris How can you ever really know you are able of achieving something until the moment that you achieve it? You can’t. You cannot know in certainty. You can believe it, learn about it, acquire the knowledge that will provide you with an educated guess. Nothing is permanent until it is. Avoiding things that make us uncomfortable is a natural. It keeps us safe.... Read more.

Freehand vs Tracing – Use the tools then learn to listen to yourself

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Over a few conversations I’ve had recently with athletes the question has come up about particular data that can be used in training or racing and if it would be beneficial for the athlete to use it. In one of the conversations I used a metaphor that seemed to sit well and make sense to the athlete and so thought it useful to share. The metaphor was about having the ability to freehand draw rather than using tracing paper or... Read more.

Macro Patience, Micro Speed

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Over the last few weeks I've been fortunate enough to witness the growth and development of athletes to levels where only 4 years ago they may have dreamed of but at that time had not been able to see how it could be reality. One athlete completed a full iron distance triathlon on a Monday, solo out the back of Melbourne for training. 4 years ago it felt like a lifetime of preparation was needed to complete the distance. Another... Read more.

Festive Racing Wrap As 2018 Begins

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From boxing day onwards there were races a plenty to keep athletes sane after their Christmas indulgence. We have put together a wrap of the events over the last 3 weekends. Point Leo Classic Down on the Mornington Peninsula on Boxing day we had 3 athletes line up for various events as part of the Point Leo Classic Adrian Polidano did the double racing the 4k beach run and placing second is his category then later in the day lining... Read more.

2017 Racing Coming To A Close

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It was the Western suburbs of Melbourne that held the racing on Sunday with the Williamstown Open Water swim and the Western Suburbs Triathlon Club sprint event. The water had honest conditions for both events and doubled as a good test to see how things are progressing in open water skills for the athletes. John Winterburn is in the process of getting well acquainted with the water ahead of Ultraman Australia next May. In  5 weeks John has been making... Read more.

Sticking to your path

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Your path in the sport is rarely simple but it is ever important to stay true to what you want to get out. Many regular readers of the MEC athlete wraps will have noticed an obvious omission from last weekends race results, particularly those in the white and blue.  I'm far from one to play favorites and it was my thought that Angelo Bonacci deserved his own write up particularly after the character he has shown during his time with... Read more.

You Have One Obligation

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You have one obligation - to follow your personal legend. What separates those that are at the top of their craft from the rest is their ability to bring and give their best effort to every given situation. The best get the best because they DO their best. They are compelled to apply themselves in the best possible way, no exceptions. They don’t look for shorts cuts, instead they seek all the things required to achieve what they want. They... Read more.