We have one aim at MEC, to help people realise and be their best.  We view 'success' as a piece of mind, which is a direct result of self satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.

We have a wide range of athletes that we work with at MEC. From podiums and professional athletes to those at the start of the journey. We believe that by individuals giving their best in training and life, that by following that process it will always produce the individuals best outcomes. No one is better than another as people have varying goals and are at different stages of their development.

One of the MEC athletes that has been quietly working away over the past few years is Travis Hill who is a little over 4 weeks out from his first Ironman in Western Australia. Those that know or have followed 'Neo' over the past 2 years can appreciate the change that has taken place. Coming from being crippled with fear in the water and not sure if he was 'good enough' to the following exchange between Trav and his coach last week:

Coach: " How'd you pull up from your ride Neo? (Trav had just completed his first 180k ride)

Trav: " Really good. I even think the swim after helped"

A man of few words, Trav has been kind enough to provide a brief run down of his journey below.


"My journey for Ironman has been far from easy and it’s hard to describe in words, but it has taken countless hours of perseverance, patience and consistency. Just over 3 years ago now I couldn't swim 50 meters in the pool and now in my training for my first ironman I am swimming up to 3.5km per session and starting to really like swimming more. I still remember my first group ride and group run sessions and little did I know I had plenty of work ahead of me.

 My first triathlon I had no idea what to expect but the nerves were there because I know so many people would be watching. I had a great support network around me which is crucial but it was my mind that was holding me back. I entered the water very slowly mind you and yet I wasn’t going anywhere I was stationary in the water and telling myself that I can’t do this and asked myself why am I here and why do I want to do this for? I went on to complete that triathlon but was pulled out of the water and had to wait for other swimmers in my age group to finish.

 Traveling up to 2 hours a day to and from work every day made it very hard to get consistency in my training and motivation wasn’t there some days. Whilst I was the rookie amongst the seasonal athletes I always wanted to be fast and in front of them. I found myself getting frustrated at myself because I was not reaching their ability at the rate I would have liked to. After many chats with my coach, we came to a decision to use a saying that would help with my head and thinking whilst I was in the open water. That saying is “There is no spoon” which is out of the movie The Matrix. This has stuck with me since and mentally it helps clear the negative thoughts. It heled me realise it’s not about changing the situation but changing myself. Since that chat I have taken a step back and have learnt so much about what being patient and consistent in my training is all about.  

 To go from Gatorade Triathlon series to Ironman 70.3 was a big step for me which I under estimated. I learned the hard way about ‘burning the candle at both ends” when there was more training and I didn’t prioritise sleep and recovery. Over time though I learned more lessons and I was able to complete my second 70.3 ironman and was able to knock off an hour my previous time at Geelong 70.3 this year.

 Little things will become big things in December this year as I am competing in Ironman Busselton. There has been a different mindset taken into training for this as I know what is expected and can see little gains and strengths along the way. "


Thanks for sharing Trav. We looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the crew out there in December.






Success and personal growth

"I have created a very unique relationship with my coach. It’s definitely a one of a kind that has been instrumental to my success and personal growth."

Stacey June 13, 2019