Eating to Race Long

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Written by Coach Michael Harvey Eating a balance of what your body requires is what sets you up to be able to train effectively, back up and recover properly and in the case of this blog, race to your potential. My experience coaching has shown me that people either massively under eat during races or massively overeat. If you are relatively new or inexperienced in racing long distances, it is a bit of a shift in thinking as to what... Read more.

Keep it Simple

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Written by Coach Michael Harvey In triathlon, let alone the world, there is so much noise. So much advice, opinions, ‘facts’ that at the end of the day I can only see for most people they become confused. Confused because in this day and age of social media and 24 hour news, somewhere along the way we lost the BS filter. Many lose the ability to sit and think for themselves, to create and form their own opinions and to... Read more.

Same, Same, but Different

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Written by Coach Chris White Here’s two fun facts that come from spending lots of time training with teaching and medical professionals: Urine and sweat essentially contain the same chemicals, but in different concentrations. Same, same but different. Margarine and plastic are remarkably similar in their molecular structure, only separated by one extra molecule. Same, same but different. So what the hell has this got to do with triathlon? Well... as a sport that is originally made up from three... Read more.

The Compound Interest of Triathlon

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Written by Coach Chris White If you read about financial investing, many commentators will touch on the concept of 'compound interest' and how important it is to helping your savings or investments grow more quickly. It’s the cumulative effect of regular ‘investments’ over a long period of time where you start to earn interest on the interest on the interest and so on. That's the positive side, but as always there are two sides to the story. This concept also... Read more.

4 Tips for Triathletes Coming out of Lockdown

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Written by Coach Chris White Just like any other period where we try to ‘get back into it,’ the post-lockdown rush for events and increased physical activity is fraught with traps that we would like you to avoid. Here’s 4 tips for those triathletes looking to get back into the swing of their training again, now that their lockdown has ended. 1. A little patience will avoid the ‘Too Much, Too Soon’ trap. Physios and podiatrists around Melbourne will be... Read more.

‘Prehab’ Avoiding Injury and Injury Management

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Written by Coach Michael Harvey Are there any other exercises I should be doing to get strong and remain injury free? Should I stretch before, during or after training or at all? What should I do when niggles ‘pop up. All good questions and ones the coach hears often. Triathlon is a unique beast with 3 disciplines that make up a single sport and with it brings many benefits when it comes to remaining injury free if athletes choose the... Read more.

Learning to Learn

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Written by Coach Michael Harvey A good friend of mine and I were discussing what our skill sets see us working in, teaching. While he is a school teacher and I teach in sport we are both aware the process in of itself is essentially the same. The teachers role is to facilitate education and improvement of individuals and to assist in a student becoming more proficient in a given task. We talked at length and one phrase he said... Read more.

AMOR FATI – Love Your Fate

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Written by Coach Michael Harvey Amor Fati is a Latin phrase that translates to ‘love your fate’. From a sporting context it is not simply being content or accepting of what has happened but to realise it should not have happened any other way. To realise that the way the situation you are in during training or your race is perfect just how it is. Wanting it to be any different is not only unrealistic (you can only control what... Read more.

Self Talk

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Written by Coach Michael Harvey It’s not I will believe it when I see it; instead it is you will see it when you believe it. Think about that while I step you through what I have come to learn as the process of people achieving their goals. What helps people get there and what has people falling short? Habits are king in our lives. From your morning ritual, to how or where you like to eat your dinner. These... Read more.

Let’s Talk About Balance

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Written by Coach Michael Harvey Balance. People throw this word around a lot. It’s an important factor to everything you do. So what is it? Let’s cut to the chase and just say from the start, balance is as individual as your hair colour or favorite food. It’s a term used so much to describe something so diverse that people tend to think there is a formula for it. If you keep things in ‘balance’ you will be happy. Now... Read more.