Written by Coach Michael Harvey

Amor Fati is a Latin phrase that translates to ‘love your fate’. From a sporting context it is not simply being content or accepting of what has happened but to realise it should not have happened any other way. To realise that the way the situation you are in during training or your race is perfect just how it is. Wanting it to be any different is not only unrealistic (you can only control what you can), but it robs you of the chance to accept this is how it is now and find the answers to work with it.

The most satisfying training sessions and races you will have will be the seemingly insurmountable times where you are in a head space not prepared (or so you think) to take on such a challenge. It might be that all the other ‘stuff’ going on for you isn’t to your liking and if only it was the way you imagined it to be you could get the outcome you were expecting and hoping for. Then you will for one reason or another give yourself over to the task, forgetting your ambitions and expectations and not only accept the circumstances, but see them as the perfect way for it to be. Being able to train and race well doesn't mean just on perfect days, it means to be able to do well no matter the circumstances or conditions. That is a proficient athlete and what you should be striving for as an athlete no matter what personal goal you are working towards.

Feeling a little down that you didn’t achieve what you thought you could in your last race or training session? Realise that if you are adequately prepared there are never really ‘mistakes’. It is as simple as stepping back, eating your humble pie, learning the lesson and showing up again to put said lesson to practice.

When you can have the mindset of truly ‘loving your fate’, you will take what is in front of you with both hands and make the very most of it. Wishing it differently isn’t going to change anything and will likely make you feel sorry for yourself and regret a missed opportunity. If you go into that race or session and say to yourself ‘if I am ready I will have the answers and if I don’t have the answers I will learn’, can you ever go wrong?

So take note of how you are approaching your training and races. There are those that wish for the ‘perfect day’ and those who make the most of the day. We all know what is more successful.


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