Age Group Athletes

We believe that finding the right coach for you, who can create a training program that fits in with your specific life circumstances, is vital for success in any sport.

Below are the different program options for Age Group Athletes, offered by Momentum Endurance Coaching.


The ideal training package if you want personalised online coaching.
  • Personalised training program written weekly
  • Weekly communication with your coach
  • Weekly adjustments to program based on feedback
  • Race day planning
  • Add group sessions for an extra $65 a month


You get it all with the Premium program including:
  • Personalised training program written weekly
  • Unlimited communication with your coach
  • Unlimited program adjustments based on feedback
  • Race day planning
  • Access to all Group sessions
  • Weekly phone catch up

"Race day is the reward. Earning the reward takes commitment and preparation..."

Personalised programs

Your weekly or monthly training program will be tailored to factor in family, work, social events etc. This is what makes it your own unique training program that is built to work for you and your circumstances.

Regular communication with your coach

As much as you may plan, sometimes things need to be moved around.  This is factored in to your program, so when things come up, simply contact your coach and adjustments can be made. Giving your coach feedback about how you are going can be done using text messages/social media. Better communication between athlete and coach means better the end-results for you!

Race day planning

Failing to plan, is planning to fail. Leading into your main race you will discuss with your coach and map out exactly what you need to do on race day to have a good result. This includes equipment, nutrition, hydration, pacing and other specifics for your race.

Weekly group sessions

The best feedback is sometimes given in person. Attending group sessions where your coach can see how you are going and set you a session specifically for your training and racing needs is extremely valuable.