With the year nearing an end it was a great turn out from the local greater Melbourne triathlon community for one of the final races of the year. It was a great sight to have many of the local Tri clubs with their respective tents up in a prominent area and many having a BBQ cook up post race for their members.

MEC had its contingent of athletes out racing and from the age group perspective it was great to see many of the categories with good depth of competition. Martin Sprong continued to cut his teeth on the shorter distances. Adapting to the shorter formats and the physical demands make for a better rounded athlete and Martin showed that he is learning in some areas and needs to keep working in others. Over all a good race from him had him in 9th place and plenty to work on for 2019.

Talia Goddard has turned a corner so to speak and Sunday was proof of that. Many things are starting to click for this super fish and it is no longer about just a good swim and average ride/run. While she led out of the water as she is accustomed to do the bike and run legs that she put together showed that the areas she has been working on are now paying dividends with plenty to come. As she gets stronger it will be if competitors will make the catch not when. We have more work to do but a 7th place in a stacked age group was a great outcome for TG.

Pete Smith used this race as a tester coming back from a hamstring strain from playing another sport. Rehab can be a tricky thing especially when the short racing season is here but Pete has managed himself well to get the body back on track. A good day overall and a big tick with no sign of hamstring troubles. Onward now to knuckle in to some 2019 goals.

Simon Miller was getting in the extra k's for his first ironman next year straying off course on the bike leg to ride further than needed. After getting back on course he pieced together a strong ride/run finishing with the 2nd fastest run in his category. Simon now begins his build to ironman NZ in 2019.

Tim Martelli loves his vintage fashion and was sporting the vintage triathlon kit on Sunday complete with road bike set up. Starting to build back after his IM Italy race in September Tim had a good race and seemed to enjoy the short course effort to break up the long course training he had done earlier in the year. We look forward to seeing Tim have a great 2019 with his goals.

Not just a triathlete coach, but also a life coach

Not only has my coach helped me to achieve what I have set out to achieve, he has taught me so much more, I actually call him my triathlete coach and life coach. He believes in me before I have believed in myself, without him I would not have achieved my 70.3 World qualifier and Ironman pb's.

Leanne February 5, 2021