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Building your training and racing to help you develop and be your best as an endurance athlete

Individualised coaching and training allows you to get the most out of yourself and reach your potential. Each and every athlete is coached for what they are, an individual. We offer a comprehensive coaching service that promotes individual success within a supportive culture.

We are building athletes to create a new normal.

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I am continually improving

"The training and coaching relationship is continually challenging, interesting, and individualised. It has not been boring or stagnant. I am continually improving which keeps me continually motivated."

Kerri June 13, 2019

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Amor Fati is a Latin phrase that translates to ‘love your fate’. From a sporting context it is not simply being content or accepting of what has happened but to realise it...
Self Talk
It’s not I will believe it when I see it; instead it is you will see it when you believe it. Think about that while I step you through what I have come to learn as the pr...
Let's Talk About Balance
Balance. People throw this word around a lot. It’s an important factor to everything you do. So what is it? Let’s cut to the chase and just say from the start, balance ...
Expectation vs Commitment
What does it take to get what you want to achieve? I could write pages about how it is important to set goals, plan and know your strengths and weaknesses however the bigge...

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